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Forum Announcement: Community Rules/Guidelines & Disclaimer
General Guidelines
  • You must be an Indian citizen to join this community.
  • Always remember that  this is a Playstation community and post only stuff related to Playstation.
  • You simply can't request to be a Mod. Mod privileges have to be earned.
  • All posts must be written in English. Posts should be made in English so that 'vital information' doesn't get lost while searching the community.
  • No SMS language.
  • Do not post NSFW/adult/obscene content.
  • Absolutely "no" talks about piracy or hacking or modding or emulators.

Expected Behaviour towards other members in the community
  • Behave civilized.
  • No personal attacks on other members.
  • No hating/bullying/insulting other members.
  • Don't troll and also don't feed the trolls.
  • Do not ignite/fuel flame wars.

Avatar Guidelines
  • Do not upload images of games not available for Playstation.
  • Do not upload images of consoles/brands not related to Playstation.
  • Do not upload NSFW/adult/obscene images.

Signature Guidelines
  • Signature should not exceed 5 lines.
  • Maximum of 2 links are allowed.
  • Do not post links to gamers cards related to other platforms.
  • You may post links to your Playstation and Playstation games related gamer-cards.
  • Do not post links to other websites.
  • You may post links to 'your personal blog' but it should not be related to piracy or hacking or modding or emulators.
  • You may add links to open-source and non-profit websites but it should not be related to piracy or hacking or modding or emulators.
  • The admins reserve the right to remove links in your signatures if found inappropriate.

Discussion Guidelines

Content from other websites
  • Do not copy/paste the entire news/article. Instead post a few lines wrapped with "quote" tags and include a link to the source article after the quote so that the actual website that posted the news/article get the hits they deserve.
  • Always remember that  this is a Playstation community and post only stuff related to Playstation.
  • Use proper English while posting.
  • Do not post in SMS text.
  • Do not post off topic. If you feel that the offtopic needs to be posted, then create a new thread instead.
  • Do not post just for the sake of increasing your post count.
  • No spamming
  • Do not derail threads for any reason. You may be banned for derailing threads.
  • Do not hijack other peoples thread.
  • Do not convert a thread into a personal chat room. Use the chatbox instead.
New Threads
  • Create new threads in the appropriate sections.
  • Search the forums for similar topic before you open a new thread.
  • When you open a new thread, similar threads will be displayed automatically so make use of this feature and don't make duplicate threads.
Linking Images
  • Do not hot link images from other websites.
  • Use a image host like imgur.com imageshack.us, etc.
Hardware/Software Emulation/Modding
  • No discussions regarding hardware/software emulation or modding.
  • Absolutely "no" talks about piracy or hacking.
  • Posting/requesting links to illegal download sites are strictly prohibited will result in ban. Ban may be temporary/permanent.

By visiting and using the information provided in this website, you agree to be bound by these terms, which are as follows:
  • The contents available in this website are for general informational purposes only. It is subject to change without notice.
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  • If you have any copyright related issues with any of the contents in this website, please drop a comment or contact us (will all necessary evidence as applicable). Such concerns will be addressed with all due considerations at the earliest.
  • Opinions/views expressed in this website are entirely personal to the author. Their employer, relatives, family and friends have nothing to do with these contents and are not liable for anything what so ever.
  • From time to time we may also include links to other website(s). These links are provided for your convenience to access more information. They do not signify that we endorse those website(s). We are not responsible for the content of the linked website(s).
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