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Injustice : Gods among us review
Injustice: Gods among us  review

[Image: injustice-gods-among-us-.jpg]
Review Platform : PS3

The Good

- Fluid gameplay
- Super moves makes you feel powerful
- Enjoyable star lab missions
- Good competitive features

The Bad

- Broken game session joining in multiplayer
- Overpowered characters
- Region locked multiplayer is a huge disappointment
- Minimal blood and gore

Mortal Kombat(2011) by Netherrealm was a huge success. Since Netherrealm showed demo of Injustice at E3 2012 , lot of hype surrounded this fighter game. We saw full length competitive gameplay months before  launch , every fighter game fan was loving it . It felt like everyone knew Injustice was going to be amazing . Injustice : Gods among us is a great feeling game. It's sharp and robust controls puts gamers in the driving seat , of a intense , adrenaline bursting battle between top of the line  DC characters like Batman and Superman. Gameplay is fluid , and game mechanics are amazing. Players can use game enviornments efficiently to defeat their enemies . From water tanks to exhaust of a jet . Using different super moves of different characters is a treat , it makes you feel powerful like an actual superhero should feel !  Single player is ok , story line is nothing special but it is enjoyable to play . After you're done with single player you can jump into Star lab missions which adds lot  of  gameplay time. 

[Image: Injustice_TGS_3.jpg]

Injustice : Gods among us has its flaws and it is mainly it's broken multiplayer. It is developed keeping in mind only a few community of gamers . You can join a room and challenge a person , but as soon as the screen allows you to choose characters, most of the time ,game session ends . Yes it is the same error which has been seen in previous Nethrrealm games like Mortal Kombat . Another huge drawback is that game's multiplayer is region locked . You can't join players on different region versions of  the game . Wow really? I thought this was going to be introduced in Next gen consoles . I know they were really concerned about the lag in a fighting game but still,  at least show us the connection bars and let us make our  own decisions. Another thing that makes it less superior to Mortal Kombat is lack of blood and gore in its gameplay . Another negative aspect of the game is that one of the character , Deathstroke is overpowered and deserves a patch . His gun spamming ability can make you rage quit your competition in no time , can also result in a broken controller .

[Image: Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-Review-Star-Labs.jpg]
Injustice would have been  one of the best fighters out in the market without its flaws , most of which can still be patched. If you are interested in playing it's single player or want to enjoy it with a friend on the same screen , it can be a great buy for you , but if you want to enjoy multiplayer think twice before you buy it and make sure your online friends have the same region game .

nice review! Smile
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thanks  :lol:
Just for the records, Subodh is the author of review at gamelifeislive as well.


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:cheers: Good one
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Smilethanks bro
I absolutely loved this game .. therefore also loved reading review. nice!

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