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Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen
I loved Dark Souls and Shadow of Colossus. So, when I read that Dragon Dogma is like a mix of both, I bought the game. After playing it for close to 70 hours, I am still not able to determine whether I love this game or hate it.  :confused:

So, here's a small review of my experience with Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen(The edition with expansion pack)

What's great:

Gameplay: The gameplay is really awesome. You can create hybrid characters which is really fun. I finished the game as a mystic knight and now in NG+ I'm a magick archer and the gameplay is different and feels fresh. The combat in Dragon Dogma is challenging, satisfying and fun. Monster battles are of epic scale. You can climb up a huge foe or attack it from distance. You have a lot of options to approach a battle.

[Image: dragonsdogmahints1.jpg]

Pawns: This is a very interesting concept.  You are provided with a pawn who is your constant companion in your journey and battles. You can customize the pawn's looks, vocation, armor, equipment etc. They also help you in carrying the items during the journey. In addition to your main pawn, you can hire 2 other pawns which belong to other users. The pawns are also used to trade items between players.

[Image: Free-Dragon-s-Dogma-DLC-Out-on-December-...1354121099]

Ur-Dragon: Ur-Dragon is a dragon with a really high hit points. Players all around the world battle it and defeat it collectively. This is something really unique in this game.

[Image: Dragons-Dogma-UR-Dragon-gallery-06.jpg]

Day and Night Cycle: Gransys is a dangerous place to roam around in the night. You will be staggering to find a place of refuge once the night sets in. This adds to some tension in the game.

Dark Arisen DLC: This DLC is really nice compared to the base game and you can actually spend a lot of time on it. However, you need to be in a higher level to access this area.

Note to Trophy Hunters:
You can achieve a platinum easily if you don't mind playing all the optional side quests and stuff.

What's bad:

Story and Quests: The main story and voice acting is terrible. Tedious repetition by pawns. For example I must have heard "Look arisen a Goblin." or "Its weak to fire!" atleast a 1000 times in my 70 hours of gameplay. Side quests are boring. I generally hate the side quests like Kill 10 rats, 20 rabbits etc. I think it's time they get rid of those kind of side quests in RPGs.

No fast travel. You can place only a limited number of portcrystals to which you can fast travel. So, you end up traversing the same areas and battle the same enemies. This I think is a great drawback in the game. People who ported the Dragon Dogma saves to the new disc got infinite ferrystones which eases the travel a little bit.
The map is really small compared to other RPGs like Skyrim. So, looks like they disabled fast travel to compensate for that.

Graphics are average.

In conclusion
Dragon Dogma is unique in some areas and you can give it a try if you don't have anything else to play. Overall the game is Average. And since it's coming on PS+, you can sink in a lot of hours in this game without spending a lot of money.
[Image: murderdoll82.png]
Nice review!! Wanted to buy this few weeks back. Waiting for PS+ Version this week.
[Image: srivas_316.png]
I have heard that multiplayer of this game is awesome
[Image: paleillusionist.gif]

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There's no multiplayer per se. You can hire 2 other pawns which belong to other users to play your single player. Big Grin
[Image: murderdoll82.png]
i might get it :\
[Image: pupz005.png]
It's free on PS+. Like I said in the review, it's an average game with few great ideas.
[Image: murderdoll82.png]

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