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Post your most cherished platinum Trophy
As the topic header says, post your most cherished platinum trophy.
Only one allowed. Big Grin
For me, it's Demon Souls simply because it took forever to finish it. Also, because of the world tendencies, it was really difficult to get.
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It was borderlands 2 for me those challenges took forever to complete(challenge accepted trophy)
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For me its black ops 1. I had numerous mental breakdowns trying to get the zombie trophies.
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Crysis 2 - Tooled up....you need to reach level 45 and if it's glitched then you'd need to repeat all over again, I was the lucky guy with glitch. 
I never got a plat.. But my most cherished 100% completion would be RDR Big Grin
my plat count is also zero . Would love to have a Plat in any FIFA .
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