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Game: Call of Duty: Ghosts

Age Rating: 18+

Genre: First person shooter ( as if you didnt know that )

Played on: Playstation 3

Developer: Infinity Ward

Publisher: Activision, Square Enix (Japan)

Writer: Stephen Gaghan

Now, before you guys start off with the ?definition of insanity? jokes, let tell me you guys, this game isn?t a product of the ?rinse and repeat? formula that was evidently visible in many of the previous COD games. I aint gonna say that this COD is ground-breaking but I am positive enough to say that this was a COD that the franchise needed.


The game takes place in a world where the oil producing countries form a group called the Federation, amidst economic crisis and quickly conquers Central America and other parts of the world. You play as Logan, a soldier fighting against the Federation, and experience his journey as he goes on to become a part of one of the world?s most feared factions; The Ghosts.

STORYLINE (No Spoilers)

The narrative is very much aimed at imposing a frightening and powerful image of the ghosts in your mind. Unfortunately it fails to do the same in the game. The intro given about the ghosts is exhilarating but it doesn?t really carry on into the game. The story doesn?t connect with you in the beginning and takes its own sweet time to grow on you; which is not always a good thing. The character depth and the connection that we had with the other NPC?s in previous COD games like MW2 is missing. You always have to look at the subtitles to remember what your brother?s name is and the strongest emotional connection that you have with a character in the first half of the game is a dog named Riley. Many a time, the story feels sidetracked as if the story was written for that particular mission and not the other way around. All in all, the story tries to impose a powerful depiction of the Ghosts but doesn?t really succeed.

Although the story doesn?t catch you immediately, it does a great job of growing on you. The story progression is good, with a decent pace and linear and as you play along, you feel more and more connected to the story than you were in the first half of the game. The characterization of the antagonist, Rorke, was strong and dominating and he is the only guy in the game that can............... well, make you feel something. The story keeps getting better as you go along the game and as the story moves closer to the end, it gives out a final burst of magic dust and ends with a blast. But since I am such a good gamer, i am not gonna spoil anything for those who haven?t played it yet although there is one thing i would like to tell you about the ending; you wont see that one coming!!!


The last COD game that I played was COD:MW3 and I was very disappointed with it, mainly because of how similar the missions in MW3 were to those in MW2. Fortunately, Ghosts was refreshing to play. A huge amount of variety has been introduced both into the gameplay and the level designs. The missions are more varied and take place in different and exotic and sometimes unexpected yet fun to play places. The amount of clich?s has been reduced ( thank god and Infinity Ward for that ) and the game is full of adrenaline filled action sequences that will drop your jaw on the ground and leave you asking for more. The AI was a bit more challenging than the previous versions and they were much cleverer in terms of flanking you or covering your flanking routes.
Also, the way the gameplay flows in and out of cutscenes without any loading screens is relieving and helps keep the experience much more enjoyable.

The Ghosts are given their name mainly for their skill to deliver without even making the sound of a feather falling. But unfortunately, the gameplay fails to make you feel that stealthy for most part of the game. The lack of any kind of good cover system further makes it worse; even though you are crouching behind a rock, you don?t actually feel like you are hiding. And although, I did say that the AI were clever their awareness levels are disappointingly low. One of the things that makes playing stealth fun is the fear that you could be caught. But when the AI awareness is so low, that you hardly have to worry about being caught, it breaks off tension and dissolves the experience.
The single player campaign feels short and ends abruptly just when you are beginning to connect with the story and its characters.
Oh, I aint done complaining yet. Another thing that was a bother was the checkpoint system. Now, the chapters are filled multiple checkpoints at appropriate points but these checkpoints are only useful if you are gonna die and respawn; they aren?t saved in case of other situations like our very own famous power cuts or crashes or anything like that. Which means that if you haven?t manually saved the game while playing a chapter and the game crashes or you face a power cut, you will have to play the whole chapter again and belive me, its frustrating. I had to play three whole chapters twice ( in different situations ) just bcoz i had a power cut at the end of each chapter. Lucky me, huh?

Graphics and Environments

As mentioned before, the level designs are fresh and surprisingly detailed for a first person shooter. The graphics were good but i felt that they could have been a tad bit better. The best thing about the COD games is how the gameplay flows into the cutscenes and the graphics do them justice. Overall, the environments are a treat to the eyes as they perfectly depict a war ridden world in its various different forms and the graphics are satisfactory.


Overall, this game is worth its time. Although it doesn?t have a good replay value for the single player mode, the multiplayer covers for it. It tries to bring stealth into this ?go loud? franchise and although i cant say it succeeds in it, it does a pretty good job trying. The fans of the series will love it and as for those who aren?t you might not love it but you will enjoy it enough to play through it if you are into first person shooter games. The strong point of this game is the way story progresses from ?what the hell is happening? to ?what the hell is gonna happen next??. This amazing story progression is the only reason why this game that looked like a measly 6 finished with a decent 7.8.

My Score : 7.8/10

Game on. Game hard.
Great review as usual. I think I should pick it up soon. Stopped playing after Black Ops 1.
[Image: murderdoll82.png]
(03-04-2014, 07:11 PM)murderdoll link Wrote: Great review as usual. I think I should pick it up soon. Stopped playing after Black Ops 1.

Thanks a lot. I played this after i played MW2 and MW3 and i felt there was good variety............... i havent played black ops 1 or 2 so i am not sure how you gonna feel about the game but................anyways, happy gaming!!!
Game on. Game hard.
Nicely written! I might just play the game again based on this review. It's been sitting at about 11% completion since months now :p
(04-04-2014, 06:23 PM)Rainmaker link Wrote: Nicely written! I might just play the game again based on this review. It's been sitting at about 11% completion since months now :p

Thank you very much!!! As i mentioned earlier, the game fails to connect with you at the beginning so it feels hard to stick to the game but as it progresses, it gets better. i am not saying that its gonna be great, i am jus saying that its not a game that you will regret playing. Thanks a lot for the compliment and happy gaming!!!
Game on. Game hard.

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