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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
I present before you, my first ever review, of a game I recently bought and loved, METAL GEAR SOLID: GROUND ZEROES (PS3)

Whether Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima likes it or not, his legendary stealth series is complicated. Nearly everything and everyone has multiple aliases, key comrades betray allegiances, and subsequent games crisscross between decades while also featuring leading characters with nearly identical names and faces; a reference to a character named Snake may refer to one of four people: Naked Snake, Solid Snake, Solidus Snake, or Liquid Snake.
Kojima took a similar convoluted approach to the reveal of Metal Gear Solid V. It began with the announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes at an event celebrating the series' 25th anniversary in late August 2012. Then, Kojima stayed silent about Metal Gear until the VGAs in December of 2012. In typical Kojima form, he announced the other piece of the Metal Gear Solid V puzzle as simply The Phantom Pain, but did so under the guise of bandaged developer Joakim Mogren. The Metal Gear Solid V portion of the title was hidden in the negative space of the logo, and we were told that it was being developed by a new Swedish studio, Moby Dick Studios. It wasn't until the Game Developers Conference the following March that Kojima revealed that he was behind The Phantom Pain and that it, together with Ground Zeroes, would make up Metal Gear Solid V.

Talking about MGS: GZ, it is another great title, released by Kojima which is worth the money and gives you an amazing time. Before its release, I saw the price tag and thought that of course a demo kinda thingy is seriously not worth 1200 bucks. I'll rather watch a playthrough on youtube. But no, I was wrong. I, as well as many others, rumored it as a 20$ demo while the reality is, it's a 20$ game. An awesome one. The graphics are mind blowing. I seriously didn't expect this kind of GFX on a PS3.

The game can be played in two ways, either you go the stealthy way or you take your gun and become a part of the war. Experimenting different ways of completing a level is quite fun and Kojima doesn't fail to deliver a glitch-free game, allowing players to play anyway they want

The main thing that sent people in despair after playing this game was, that the game's main story ends within 20-30 minutes! I was quite disappointed when while I was desiring more gameplay, waiting for the cutscene to end, and BOOM, the credits show up  :-[

But the things that keeps you going with this game are the side missions, and exploration of the thousands of small twitches of this game. Being, somewhat, an open world game, it can deliver an 'amazing time' to anyone who plays it, for at least 10-12 hours.
I thought a lot, what could I include her but didn't actually come up with many points.
Being a short game, it's not able to deliver an 'amazing' story. Moreover, the cutscenes are exceptionally long. It would have been much better if the game allowed the players to, you know, control at least something while the cutscene was going on.
The game appears to be a bit complicated at start. There could have been side-by-side tutorials but at last it's an MGS!
AND it doesn't allow the player to swiftly throw a grenade when needed. I takes time...I hope The Phantom pain fixes all these thingies. I realy look forward to it!

This game has probably delivered the best visuals this year, on PS3 and a very astonishing gameplay too! If you're a fan of MGS franchise, you'll surely love it. Even if you aren't, you won't regret buying it at all. Believe me, it's worth the 1200.
Above all, "IT'S AN MGS!!" Cheers  Big Grin

Good job keep it up.
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I skipped this game because I thought it wasn't worth paying money for a half an hour game. Looks like I need to give this game a try.

Overall, good job with the review.
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