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The Last of Us (PS3) Review

Here?s my second review; of the game I love the most or rather the ?mostestest?, The Last of Us, the winner of more than 200 well deserved GOTY awards. A PS3 without The Last of Us is not different from a ship without a rudder.

The Last of Us, published by a critically acclaimed developer, Naughty Dog, is one of the best games of this generation, a game that doesn?t only lets you play, but even lets you live the life of Joel, the protagonist. The Last of Us is a perfect analog for ?The Road? written by Cormac McCrathy. It presents a hopeless, post-apocalyptic survival, of two characters, an adult and a child. By post apocalyptic, I mean real survival, not a fairy tale world. The Last of us seamlessly intertwines an amazing gameplay, with a stellar narrative. It never feels repetitive, it never feels annoying, it never gets boring and frankly, it never disappoints! I am writing this review specifically for those who jumped to PS4 without playing TLoU on PS3 because is not a game worth missing!

Naughty Dog, through this game, has changed the meaning of story-telling. It makes the player lose himself into the world of pandemic United States. The game is about 18-20 hours long and these hours after spending definitely become a part of the best gaming hours for any player, if not a new age mumbo-jumbo who just skips all the cutscenes and rushes all the way.. It?s a game worth exploring.
The entire experience from start to the end is REMARKABLE.
The collapse of society was instigated by the sudden prevalence of a fungus that wreaks havoc on the human mind, and those humans ? known not-so-lovingly as The Infected ? are alive, but not well. The two main characters of The Last of Us are one of the tired survivors, Joel and the lovable, Ellie.
Joel is a man who lost his everything after the outbreak. He does odd jobs, acquires food and shelter and repeats the entire process endlessly. He struggles to stay alive and does everything necessary to do it, including stealing and murdering as he knows it?s either him or them with no ?grey? area and after two decades of Survival, he finds Ellie who truly steals the show. Ellie is a typical teenager, an inquisitive girl who has many questions in her mind and keeps wondering (often communicated in the contextual conversations between her and Joel)? and above all, she?s tough. She has learnt to adapt to the surroundings and without her, Joel wouldn?t have been able to make it. He had a business to transport Ellie, which was a hell of an adventure. At start, they were complete strangers for each-other but as their journey proceeded, they developed such a relationship which was seriously inseparable.
Naughty Dog didn?t fail to deliver a heck of a story and whatever the director and the writer wanted to communicate to the players, they were completely successful in doing it, thanks to the amazing work by Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson and Nolan North.

The gameplay of the last of us is unique, terrifying, beautiful, smooth and challenging. All-in-one. Thoroughly exploring environments nets you the components necessary for item creation, giving you yet another reason to inspect surroundings already begging to be rummaged. And item scarcity, a perpetual issue in the world of The Last of Us, means that everything you find is precious in its own way. There aren?t any factories making more of anything you find, and that includes the greatest prize of all: bullets. Bullets are scarce. Very scarce. If you have a lack of ?em, you have to make your way around strangling and shivving (Shiv is a craftable knife-like weapon used to stealth kill all sort of enemies). The combat is intense and nail-biting. The game can make you smile at certain points and send chills down your backbone too. The stealthy type of play is very-very interesting. Naughty dog has added a really cool feature, ?The Listen mode? using which Joel can sense the motion and position of the enemies around him. It?s really very satisfying when you kill an entire row of enemies with creating a lot fuzz. That tense feel when a clicker is standing in front of you and you suddenly realize that you?re out of shivs and bullets, is incredible and nowhere else to be seen. Joel can also upgrade himself with pills and other supplements hidden throughout the adventure, though here you?ll also have to make careful choices, as there isn?t enough medicine in one playthrough to fully upgrade him. Likewise, all of your weapons, from pistols to shotguns and rifles, can also be upgraded using parts and tools found on your journey. Similarly, you won?t be able to max-out everything, so you?ll need to make thoughtful decisions. This adds an analytical, tactical slant to The Last of Us not found in the likes of Uncharted, though if you really want to upgrade Joel and his goods fully, you could always take advantage of The Last of Us? very welcome New Game+ feature. You got to gather supplies, craft weapons and health kits, and SURVIVE. At last, It?s the survival of the fittest!

The graphics & the environment of The Last of Us is literally BEAUTIFUL. Yes, BEAUTIFUL. ?Nuff Said.

Its highly underrated multiplayer is actually quite fun and addictive. It's connected to the main game storywise. Your performance in a match affects your clan. It's a journey of 12 weeks where 1 match= 1 Day. You get to play as either a hunter or a firefly. Collect supplies, kill the other team and gain parts is what your objective is. There are three modes, Supply Raid, Survivors and Interrogation. Mind you, this is not a run-and-gun kind of multiplayer like a COD. It's something different, unique and amazing. Once you get addicted, it's actually next to impossible to pull yourself out of the shackles of 'factions' (That's what the M.P. of tlou is called)

The Last of Us is not only the BEST PS3 Exclusive but also one of the best games of the this gen and soon the next gen too!! I highly recommend it to ANYONE who hasn't bought it yet. Naughty Dog has created a game which impresses you in every way!
It's the Survival of the fittest. Happy Survivin'. Cheers!  ^_^

Well written ! Quite methodical! Keep it up (y)
(14-04-2014, 04:50 AM)Rainmaker link Wrote: Well written ! Quite methodical! Keep it up (y)

Thanks a lot!
No more ps3  exclusive Big Grin
Lol stop calling ps4 next generation more than 60% of people own it

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I do believe that next gen refers to the technology, not how many people own it
Well written review!
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