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Me and The Last of Us. A documentary on how TLoU changed my life...
The text below discusses how The Last of Us, a video game, changed my entire life just in the last 1 year. Today it's the birthday of The Last of Us so, I guess posting this today is surely not a bad idea. I hope you go through it!

ME and The last of Us.
“The day… It was 14th June…”
My life…. It got changed. Just in a course of 365 days. I was nothing but a regular teenager, living a normal life like the others and used to play video-games when there was no hope for outdoor activities. You could find such kids a dime a dozen but thanks to this game, I moved up. I reached somewhere else; reached here into this new world, which sometime I thought was unfeasible. This game acted as a portal. Video games are capable of doing what anything else cannot and that’s true.
Even after investing so many hours, I can't honestly say I've seen everything the game has to offer. I've seen enough though to confidently say it has changed my life in numerous ways, some big, some small. Some creative, some personal. Some external, some intrinsic. The Last of Us, with all its perfection and imperfection, is an experience that only comes around once every few decades. Agree with me or disagree with me, there's a lot of discussion to be had around the game's design and its minimalist, ambiguous story.
VGA 2011, I saw the teaser of this game the first time. I was stunned. I wanted to see more of it; wanted to bring my anticipation under control. I had been a big fan of Naughty Dog since its very first game I played. It is obvious that I hyped this game like ANYTHING! I waited… and waited for more trailers to come. The story trailer in 2012 fed me up pretty well; watched it hundreds of times and actually got an idea of what was the game all about, got to know the great work done by Troy Baker and Ashley. Gustavo gave a live performance of the soundtrack in the VGA’12. All that summed the things up, pretty well, for me. It was a heck of a portent. I could smell awesomeness from my first sight on the game.
I kept waiting and what did I get to hear? The game gets delayed by 2-3 months. That put me in a vociferous mood but I, somehow, survived (It was hard though, pretty hard).
June arrived. My vacations were going on. Spent the entire first 14 days just browsing the website of the game. It is one of the best websites I’ve ever seen.
"Lying on the couch watching Sunday football.
That greasy smell of a downtown hot-dog.
Fourth of July family BBQ's.
The sound of a plane flying over-head.
Just one peaceful night.
A clean conscience

14th June. The day came. I couldn’t believe it. My wait was finally over? I woke up at 5, again browsing the website. Twist in the plot, -boom-
Maybe soon enough, I realized… I didn’t have the game, did I? No… Whoa.
The moment clock struck 7, I called flipkart and asked the expected date of delivery. They replied 17th June. Screwed up, was I, falling back in despair. I was all, “don’t you do this to me fk. No, please.”
The situation was more intense than it sounds, believe me. But that sadness turned out to be short lived, unexpectedly! Here was the guy, soon, with a smile spread across his face when I paid him 1 rupee extra as a tip. I was actually holding the disk, yeah, finally.
Then… umm… I was lost; lost in the world of The Last of Us. The moment I started playing this game, I turned a deaf ear to all my social activities. I felt like this game was made just for me; everything was contrived by Naughty Dog, keeping me and my type of games in mind.
The visuals, the gameplay, the feel of the game, the characters… couldn’t have been better. I was in love. Finally there was a protagonist who wasn’t a hero with exceptionally exceptional powers. Just a rugged, tired, worn-up survivor. And, of course Ellie? So adorable. With this game, I understood what video games can deliver. They don’t just let the players hit buttons and play, it allows them to live as someone of another world… And Naughty Dog was able to deliver whatever they imagined and thought of, in this game with perfection, not only via the story cutscenes but more importantly, the environment. They made the players immerse themselves into the game. Hands down. Seeing Ellie and Joel's relationship grow pulled at my heartstrings and the paternal side in me. No other game makes you feel like a 'father' more than this. That's a sign of superb writing and acting.
Every act has consequences, be it, minor or major. So many details like Ellie’s reaction when I flash my torch in her eyes, Her reaction when I shoot bullets in the open air when not in combat (She’s like ”we are lucky that we have bullets to waste” Wow.) and also when I don’t move for a long while that all is just remarkable. One more thing, a great one I noticed… If Joel doesn’t move anywhere in the hotel and stays at one place, Ellie acts like she’s booking into the hotel. I bet most of the people just skip all this but I’m glad I didn’t. This isn’t a game you can enjoy rushing towards the end. It needs exploration to come to know about what all Naughty Dog did. Hats off to Naughty Dog for creating such a game. “Stellar Narrative, Stunning visuals and intense gameplay. This is The last of Us”. I was a typical The-Last-of-Us-ian. No wait, I still am!
I couldn’t step out. It had become impossible for me to dissipate myself from this game. And I still can’t imagine living without this game. Yeah, that crazy I am.
I finished the game on Hard difficulty, my first playthrough, on July 11th which were probably the golden days of my life. I got out of the Single Player Addiction but then was trapped in the shackles of FACTIONS (God-freaking-dammit). This is where I got introduced to the online social world.
On July 20th, I met a guy with a weird PSN ID, my first ever online ‘friend’. I was an 8 leveler while he was on level 16. I found his skills astonishing and sent him a request. That feeling was great when that guy acted polite instead of calling me a noob as the others when I lost 12-18 in a 1 v/s 1. Then we just stopped playing and spent the next 40-50 minutes just talking to each other. He was from Greece and thanks to him, I know a lot about Greece now. Neither of us used a mic. It was just the PS3 keypad (A big pain-in-the-ass, believe me). Soon enough, we added each other up on facebook. My first ‘pen-friend’ (not actually ‘pen’ but… screw it). I loved talking to him whenever I could. He was the first of ‘em, so, I was just ‘after’ him. (Man, it’s still hard to believe how he was able to tolerate me!). This was actually my first experience, so, I was pretty excited and actually became a friend hunter. That day was not far enough when I made quite a lot of friends and even started using my mic. It was like moving from heaven to, uh, next-gen paradise; yay! (struggle for humor. Sorry)
Now I’m not a chewed bubble gum anymore who just sticks to anybody who comes close. That’s a change that came into me as I got more of exposure. Now, I have almost 120 friends in my friend list of PSN and it doesn’t include any stranger. I came to know about many cultures of different places, thanks to this. And of course, if this exposure wouldn’t have been there for me, I haven’t been able to discover another talent of mine, writing. I can’t just express how I feel when there are compliments all around me; heck of an experience. Although I know I am still not good and have to work a lot, but at least I discovered one of my capabilities and will surely improve with time and practice.
Being a part of a mature and sensible people (not my classmates), I have had a positive impact on my thinking process too.
And have I stopped playing this game now? Certainly, no. I had been playing it all the time since its release. I managed to complete many other games too but haven’t contributed this much of time in playing them. I have completed this game 6 times and spent 100s of hours playing the multiplayer and surprisingly, yet haven’t discovered everything this game can satisfy me with. Now I’m hunting its platinum trophy. This isn’t only a game which I enjoyed a lot but it proved to be a ‘life-changer’ for me. Soo obsessed with this game I am.
But all this, with no doubt, is surely turning out to be a major distraction for me. Though it’s going to be quite difficult, being confident about my capabilities, I’ll try my best not to let all this prove to be a ‘death-trap’ for me.
I was just a little prick in the large massive crowd. Now people know me. I have seen the world more than any person of my age. This makes me stand out as an individual. Not as a hen in a flock. Thanks a lot naughty dog for giving me such an experience. And thank YOU for reading this all the way up to the end…
Today is 14th June 2015, the first anniversary of my-all-time-favorite. Happy Birthday TLoU. Thanks for being what you are.
Here below is a video. Whenever you get time, do watch it. It’s awesome. Just expresses almost every major thingy I tried to convey.
Cheers and happy survivin’.
Awesome. :wow:
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