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[PS4] OT - Planetside 2
(29-01-2015, 08:00 AM)murderdoll Wrote: All the more reason to get a PS4.

Yes and most of the initial impressions from the beta testers say that the game is great. This might become the MAG of PS4.

I hope that they release the beta for EU region soon.
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I'm just server admin & I have nothing do with other admin stuffs.
First Patch is coming soon!

Quote:Here is a breakdown of the first patch to the game. The patch has been submitted and is pending review and approval from the Sony (SCEA) PS4 team. Once it is approved we will deploy the update and get it to all of you as quickly as possible. Have fun everyone!

Vehicles, Aircraft, MAXes, C4, Grenades, and other power modifiers will now apply their Nanite resource costs to spawn or resupply.

The correct server name and population chart will display on character select.

Server availability time is now visible on the “Press X” screen.

The Settings screen has had an art pass with an updated controller layout graphic.

Dynamic Events have been added that provide tutorial information on objects encountered in the world.

New controller schemes are now available in the settings menu.

The default control scheme has been updated, as well.

Pressing the touch pad will open the map.

Ground vehicle acceleration using the sticks should be improved when turning.

“Advanced” flight mode is now the default. “Easy” flight mode is available in the settings.

You can now switch seats in a vehicle.

Engineers have a specific button binding for their turrets.

Many previously disabled loadout slots for infantry, vehicles, and aircraft are now enabled. This provides access to items like C4 and medkits. It also opens up unlocking of different abilities for classes and vehicles.

Items and abilities can now be upgraded.

Overall it should be easier to squad up, manage your friends, and leave your squad.

We’ve done a pass on all social screens to make the buttons available when selecting another player consistent.

Invite by name has been added to the Squad page.

Proximity page has been added. This shows all players near you and provides a way to mute or adjust the volume of players in the Proximity chat channel.

Auto-squading is enabled by default. When you first log in to the game you will be placed in a squad.
Quick Accept/Decline of invites is now available. When you receive a squad or friend invite you can swipe the touchpad to accept or decline the invite.

Bug Fixes:
The screen size can now be adjusted using the PS4’s display area so that the UI is no longer cutoff. To adjust the display area go to PS4 Settings > Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings and adjust the size of the box. You must restart the PlanetSide 2 client for these changes to take effect.

Brightness setting now works.

Sliding MAX's has been addressed.

Aircraft turrets are now functioning properly.

The Region info pie chart on the map is now correct.

Big update, and lots of changes to the game. We are already working on the next patch and it is even bigger. Tutorial zone and the 3 additional maps are planned to be included. Thank you everyone for the feedback, it really helps the developers make decisions and it makes the game better for everyone. We plan to send out more invites and make sure that everybody knows how amazing Planetside 2 is as a Free-to-Play shooter!

[Image: mMfcRWN.gif]

I'm just server admin & I have nothing do with other admin stuffs.
New Controller layouts are available in the next PS2Beta patch, coming 'soon.'

[Image: PLLbch8.jpg]
[Image: mMfcRWN.gif]

I'm just server admin & I have nothing do with other admin stuffs.
EU Beta on the way.

Quote: To all PS2onPS4 players,

We have had a great response from the PS4 Closed Beta to date and the interaction between the players and the development team is amazing. Twitter, forums and Twitch have all proven to be invaluable sources of feedback and communication that are helping make the game the best it can possibly be. We started off the Beta small to allow us to work closely with the players on addressing critical feedback. It has proven to be successful, and we plan to continue the same level of interaction with our players throughout the Beta, launch and beyond.

The first patch was released earlier this month, which added new features and quite a few bug fixes. The second patch is in testing and we plan to roll it out soon. It will include the new tutorial map along with the other three continents – Hossin, Indar and Amerish. It also includes various bug fixes, additional control configurations and many more improvements to the gameplay. It’s a huge content release and we will be sending out large batches of Beta invites to get in massive groups of players to wage war against.

We will also be kicking-off of the European Closed Beta alongside this second patch. Our goal has always been to have both regions as close as possible and this is the first stage of that process.

We have big plans for PlanetSide 2 on the console and our Closed Beta is just the beginning.

[Image: mMfcRWN.gif]

I'm just server admin & I have nothing do with other admin stuffs.

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