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PS3 Review - Tomb Raider
I never had any crush with previous Lara Crofts. And I never miss  her either. But this new Tomb raider is dirty, beautiful and shocking and Lara really shines in this game! And you just couldn?t sleep before finishing the main story. Tomb Raider is back and better than ever.

[Image: qr98yC9.jpg]

This is a great reboot for the Tomb Raider Franchise .Feels like a new series has begun . Everything in the game is well done. The island is very atmospheric with its awesome weather effects. The controls are solid. Tomb raider takes pretty much something from every triple A franchise before it and implements it into its own design just as well as those franchises did. There's stealth elements that feel like your playing a Splinter Cell game, combat and climbing that feels like Uncharted, bonfires from Dark Souls, brutal kills from Gears of War, etc. Everything is incorporated brilliantly while allowing Tomb Raider to still feel like its own game. The game starts off like the typical action adventure that you have played countless other times, but as you progress further and further into the game, the adventure starts opening up and throwing more variety and twists and turns at you. The game gets better and better as you move further into the adventure. An interesting note to make is that in relation to previous Tomb Raider games, this one is a lot more combat/action oriented than puzzle solving. This helps keep the games pace up, but old fans might be disappointed. The tombs are nowhere as cool as Uncharted's, but still a nice break from all the action. Also, finding the collectibles in the game adds a nice bit of challenge and reward for exploration. The reason, it doesn't get a 9 from me is that it never really does anything totally new or had me saying holy that was awesome! For every cool moment, there usually would be countless annoying deaths that followed which would mess up the feeling of excitement. And that's another big con for the game, there will be parts in this game that will piss the out of you, you will want to hurl your controller at the screen. The game starts off relatively easy to moderately easy but near the end gets annoyingly difficult and sometimes it's difficult to tell where to go or Lara just won't do what you want her to do. But overall, it's a huge accomplishment that the game is able to implement so many different features into its design so well for the first time and I'm looking forward to see what Crystal Dynamics can do with the next game.

[Image: yznXUoV.jpg]

The key difference from, say, Batman: Arkham City or any Uncharted game is how effectively Tomb Raider drives home the physically grueling experience of being an adventure hero. After all, you never see Batman sweat and, despite his grumbling, Nathan Drake tends to be very well-adjusted to what he has to endure. Not the 2013 edition of Lara Croft. She yelps, groans and screams in combat and traversal. You know she's going to make that jump. But it's going to sound really unpleasant when she does. And when she dies? The game unleashes truly gruesome death scenes?which, yes, call back to previous TR games?that turned my stomach no matter how often I saw them.

[Image: c0Kge38.jpg]

"An exhilarating action adventure that serves as a terrific origin story for the iconic Lara Croft , which juggles different gameplay elements, all well-executed and superbly balanced. The visuals and audio are top-notch and Lara is very well realized as a character. Long story short: a great game you should definitely pick up."
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Nice review. Smile
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Nicely written! I also loved how as soon as you think the game might get repetitive, she finds or creates a new weapon or tool. Thoroughly enjoyed the game
Nice review. :thumbsup:
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Very good and detailed review.
Good review! and the game is the best I've played in the action/adventure genre. The bow and arrow is excellent  . I was also blown away by the graphics.. esp.the effects and atmosphere..

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