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PS3 Review: Dark Souls

[Image: dark-souls-gamersbliss-jpg.38609]

Developer: From Software
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
North American Release Date: October 4, 2011
European Release Date: October 7, 2011

Prepare to die. This tagline pretty much sums up the whole game. You?ll die again and again throughout the game. There is little story in the game. Most of the lore you have to discover on your own and most to your imagination and interpretation. EpicNameBro has a youtube channel dedicated to the Dark souls lore. The wealth of content is extraordinary, and the world From Software has built is absolutely staggering.
I generally don?t play a game more than once and that too mostly in normal mode. I never go out of my way to finish a game and generally quit the moment I encounter any difficult part. I stopped playing Darksiders because I got stuck at Tiamet boss. So, the whole idea of playing dark souls din?t sound like my cup of coffee.
All that changed with Dark Souls. I died like 20 times right at the starting boss. And that was just the tutorial boss. Once, I reached Lordran around 2 hours later I din?t know where to go. The game doesn?t give you any indication on where to go. I went towards the catacombs got killed at the skeletons graveyard area. I went through some wikis and got idea of where to go next. So, headed towards the Undead parish and then again died.
The game punishes the careless. You need to be really careful and learn with each death. I was stuck at capra demon for 2 days. Everytime you kill a boss, there is this sense of accomplishment that you would not get on any other game.
Levels like Sens Fortress and infamous Anor Londo archers will make you throw the controller in frustration.
[Image: Bdq0qqk.png]


Like most RPGs, the game starts with you customizing your character?s look and class. This class is just for the initial part of the game since you can customize the character as you please whenever you level up.
There's a wide variety of weapons to acquire and use, with each type offering a different fighting style. Bonfires are the save points in the game. However, resting at a bonfire will respawn all the enemies except the bosses and minibosses.
Souls are the game currency. You can level up, upgrade armor, weapons etc with the souls. If you die, you lose all the souls. You have just one more chance to retrieve the lost souls. However, if you die before you retrieve the souls you lost, they are gone forever.


Multiplayer is implemented really nice in Dark Souls. You can summon other players into your world and get help for boss fights. For those who don?t want to co-op, there is pvp which is fun too. If the enemies don't kill you, the invaders will. You have to be on your toes at all times.

[Image: Dark%20souls%20invasion5.jpg]

The  Artorias of the Abyss DLC further expands the game. For people who enjoyed the base game, it?s just a great treat. There are no trophies in the DLC. The boss fights are really epic in the DLC. Some backstory is also provided in the DLC.

The game suffers framerate issue in certain areas. It?s really noticeable in Blighttown, Depths and Catacombs. This was my only gripe with the game.
Overall, it?s a fantastic game which everyone should try.

Summoning and other helpful details:
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Nice review. :thumbsup:
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:thumbsup:  Nicely written.
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nice one  :lol: :lol: :lol: :thumbsup: :band: :goodjob:
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What Is the gamplay time for dark souls. No trophy hunting .
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50-60 hours miminum
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