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PS3 Review - Borderlands 2
[Image: tl-bl2.jpg]

Developer: Gearbox software
Publisher: 2k Games
Genre: FPS, Action RPG

FPS & An action rpg.What else u could ask?
Gearbox Software created a huge open world of Pandora with gorgeous visuals & level of detail. The game is full of things , creatures, enemies, waterfalls , mountains etc etc. A rich environment with less gravity. Story driven Action RPG + a fps , What not to love about it? everything about this game is great. Its a sequel to the Original Borderlands & Gearbox soft. made Borderlands 2 even better. Everything is more this time in Pandora.

                Story driven Action rpg & a shooter with both singleplayer & multiplayer. The game features a level up system, as you progress through game you will kill enemies, bosses etc & that will give you exp points & those points will lead you to next level. The max level cap is 50, but later it was extended to level 61 with a dlc. As you level up your enemy level up too. leveling up increase your health, skill points. Skill points can be used to get more perks & powers & aids etc.
There are 4 class you can choose from

1. Commando : Axton, is a commando character who relies on turrets to decimate his enemies and resembles Roland in abilities. Most of deployment, or stick to walls and ceilings. One particular skill tree allows two of the turrets to be deployed at once.

2. Siren : a siren named Maya, has an ability called Phaselock which suspends and immobilizes enemies in midair and resembles Lilith from the first game in abilities. Her abilities revolve around the game's elements (fire, electricity, corrosion, and slag.) Her Phaselock can be upgraded to create a fiery explosion upon engaging or even convert enemies into temporary allies.

3. Gunzureker :Salvador is a "Gunzerker", who resembles Brick from the first game in abilities, but instead of using massive melee power to decimate enemies, Salvador can dual-wield any combination of guns. His skills can be upgraded so that he can throw multiple grenades at once, regenerate massive amounts of health and ammunition, or attract the attention of enemies with a double middle finger taunt.  his abilities are geared towards upgrading his turret. Axton's turret can be armed with additional gun barrels, can detonate upon

4. Assassin :Zer0, is an assassin capable of creating a decoy of himself and becoming invisible for a short time. At the end of this process, he is then able to unleash a critical hit on an enemy with his sword or gun. He is skilled with sniper rifles and melee attacks, and is similar to Mordecai, one of the playable characters from the original Borderlands. His skills can be upgraded with emphasis on sniping, gaining additional benefits when using his Deception ability or improving his melee attacks. (5th & 6th characters are in DLC)
[Image: borderlands2-3.jpg]

Every place you get loots. when you finish a area you find loots, awesome loots Big Grin new guns , new grenades mods etc etc.

skill : A player chooses skills by investing skill points, awarded as a character increases in level. Each time that the character increases in level, they receive an additional skill point. The first skill point is gained at level 5, and must be used to acquire the Action Skill for that character's class. Subsequent skill points may be invested in a number of different skills that unlock as the character progresses.
A player may invest multiple skill points in a single skill, increasing the character's effectiveness in that skill. Each skill other than the Action Skill can receive up to 5 points.

By equipping Class Mods, a character will receive additional points in one or multiple skills. For the bonus to any skill to take effect, the character must have at least one point already allocated to that skill. Use of a Class Mod may give a character an effective rank in a skill of greater than 5.

[/size]If the player makes a mistake while investing skill points or merely changes their mind, they can spend money at a New-U Station to "respec" (redistribute) a character's skill points. Upon purchasing a respec, all skills are reset, including the Action Skill, and the player must reallocate all that character's skill points. The cost of a respec increases as the character's total number skill points increases, but will never exceed $15000 even for a maximum-level character. [size=78%]
[Image: Borderlands-2-Skill-Tree.jpeg]

Voice acting:
without spoiling anything i would say best in business. Level of detail is so high, you ll just love the characters. You need to play to enjoy the awesomeness of borderlans2's voice acting, Even the bad guys , you will love them

Story :
The story takes place after borderlands(original), The Bad guy "Handsome Jack" has taken over pandora with his robot army & You are a vault hunter trying to save the resistance group from Handsome Jack. I will not spoil anything but this time the story is better n more deep.

Multiplayer :
You can play upto 4 peoples in one game co-op. Number of player determines the difficulty, means the game will be harder when you add more people to your game. Players can help each other & finish the game & share the loots & once finish the mission on co op you will have the option to skip it on single player mission.
Co-op is the way to play the game. The game is full of things to do bosses to kill & legendary to collect.
[Image: borderlands203.jpg]

Awesome game. Worth a try for everyone. Fun as hell.With friends you will ge hours & hours of fun. A MUST BUY for all RPG & FPS lover.
[Image: pupz005.png]
Good review (y)
Good review. Hope more people get this game.
[Image: murderdoll82.png]
wow, nice detailed review. :thumbsup:
[Image: mMfcRWN.gif]

I'm just server admin & I have nothing do with other admin stuffs.
Nice review bro!!!
Anyone wants to play coop? I just started the game.
[Image: nikhil_1995.png]
I am always ready for Borderlands 2 co-op. But only DLCs. Big Grin
[Image: murderdoll82.png]
No season pass  :tomato:
[Image: nikhil_1995.png]
(13-07-2013, 09:24 PM)SolidSnake link Wrote: Nice review bro!!!
Anyone wants to play coop? I just started the game.

Gimme a holla if u wanna play.. PSN ID Bhoootz
[Image: Bhoootz.png]
lovely review!
[Image: 151724.gif]
(18-07-2013, 09:15 PM)SolidSnake link Wrote: No season pass  :tomato:

The season pass is really worth it. However, you can wait for a GOTY edition in similar lines of BL1.
[Image: murderdoll82.png]

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